Calliope \Cal*li"o*pe\ , n. [L. Calliope, Gr. Kallio`ph, lit, the beautiful-voiced; pref. kalli- (from kalo`s beautiful) + 'o`ps, 'opo`s, voice.]

1.    Calliope. (Classic Myth.) The Muse that presides over eloquence and heroic poetry; mother of Orpheus, and chief of the nine Muses.

2.    Calliope is a musical instrument that produces sound by sending a gas, or compressed air, through large whistles.

3.    Calliope, a hummingbird. The smallest bird found in North American

4.     Calliope is a large main belt asteroid and is officially listed in the NASA database. This is one of the few asteroids that have captured their own moons. Calliope‚Äôs companion is Linus.

Calliope Sound productions was formed in 2000. We are a group of actors, directors and writers. who present summer theatre in the Mississauga, Ontario area.

Mission Statement

 "To dream the impossible dream

and to make it a reality!

All the while bringing amusement

and wonder to our audiences.

... and to give back to the community whenever possible!"